A company with tradition!
The name "Call" has stood for top quality meat products since 1938 and is a guarantee for mouthwatering meat and sausage products. Our company has been in operation for three generations ... and the fourth generation has already joined us in our efforts.

Who knows whether Josef Call could have imagined that the butchery he established would develop to its current state and even further. He took a safe step towards the future by handing the business to his son Karl, who did his work with the same enthusiasm and dedication. The business is now run by Karl's son Helmut, who preserved all the professional pride of Josef. We have always focused on local, domestic products; the animals for slaughter have been collected from farmers in the neighbourhood since the company was established.

In addition to our work as butchers, our family has been passionately dedicated to hunting for more than a century; we can therefore assure you that also the game we recommend in our shop has been hunted in our local forests.